TRAVEL TRIPOD < 1Kg (inc. Levelling / Pano head)b

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Re: TRAVEL TRIPOD < 1Kg (inc. Levelling / Pano head)b

MVDH wrote:

Nice one - thanks for sharing. How do you like the head?

I have a lightweighttravel tripod that weight 940 gram including head: Leofoto LC-224C + Sunwayfoto FB-28i ballhead. I got this tripod as lighter alternative to my Gitzo Mountaineer tripod with purpose for lightweight hiking and backpacking trips.

I find the lightweight tripod useable with a light camera lens, but it is a compromise. For a next trip I will consider to take my beloved Gitzo Mountaineer GT1542 with Markins Q3 ballhad. The Gitzo is so much more stable and has much better working height - and apart from that I very much prefer the overall handling. The Gitzo works perfect in every way. But it weight 700 gram more...

I like the head a lot.  In theory such a small head really shouldn’t be that good but it’s very smooth, the ball clamp is nice and progressive and the ball doesn’t shift as it’s tightened or move when it’s on.  It will flip to portrait so that’s good and the panning control works well to.  And it’s cheap.  I’m very happy to have it on the Gitzo which is, admittedly, in quite a different price league.  I can’t vouch that every one of these heads is so good - it’s possible I got a good one.

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