Question on image quality on Z50

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Re: Question on image quality on Z50

EnjoyPics wrote:

The image on the playback display on the LCD monitor is consistently softer/contrast then the live view image on the LCD monitor no matter what settings I use. Is this effect inherent in the process of photography? Can the display image and live view image ever look exactly the same? This effect was observed taking pictures of live flowers in a vase on a small table and the camera was on a tripod. The settings I varied included VR, picture control, all the adjustments of factors within each individual picture control, backing off the aperture from wide open, shutter speed, and iso. Is this difference between the two images observed using Nikons best FF mirrorless camera, Z7II ? To be clear I like the images I am getting from my Z50. They are excellent. The clarity is amazing. I am just wondering why they are not exactly the same as live view which looks almost 3D. Thank you for your replies.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "consistently softer/contrast" as your description is quite vague, but generally it shouldn't be a surprise that a live image stream would be different from a processed lossy jpeg view - even for RAW files, what you see on screen is a processed jpeg preview, but remember that you'll only get the full resolution preview if you zoom in 100% or more.

If you've turned off all processing options like noise reduction, and are outputting highest size/quality jpegs, and previewing them zoomed, you might assign to one of your function buttons the Preview option, which will show more accurate depth-of-field and some other characteristics before taking the shot. I assign it to the movie Record button.

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