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Re: EM1X and Topaz Denoise Ai...

Paul Auclair wrote:

Girish vaze wrote:

what are your settings in Denoise Ai?

Hi Girish,

I'm not sure which settings kohinoor uses but I'll try to explain mine...

I have both Topaz; Sharpening Ai and DeNoise Ai.

I always use the Low Light setting in DeNoise Ai because Low Light mode applies a more 'even' (i'd say smarter) amount of denoise. When I first 'demo-d' DeNoise I didn't purchase because I had a lot of files showing obvious areas that had too much denoise applied mixed with areas that required more denoise. I don't believe the app had Low Light mode at that time. In my opinion the DeNoise tab in Denoise Ai still behaves the same. I played with Ai Clear but never use it...I can't even remember why.

If noise is low I'll simply apply Sharpen Ai.

If I feel I'm going to need DeNoise and Sharpen Ai I'll first apply DeNoise with *minimal sharpness enhancement then send to Sharpen Ai.

I've been finding that DeNoise Ai does well enough with sharpening that I haven't often used Sharpen Ai.

Be aware...I found something curious in Low Light mode, asked Topaz, and it was explained to me by Topaz that...

when using a 0 (zero) sharpness enhancement setting in Low Light mode...the app uses a completely different Ai model and applies a fair amount of sharpening....which, to me, resembles the sharpening setting when using Sharpen Ai. I checked again with the updated DeNoise and the same behavior is present.

Also...there seems to be no straight forward rhyme nor reason regarding how analogous either app's sliders work. with Lr and other apps cranking the slider to the right usually shows the specific effect being applied as expected, the stronger it gets the more we push the slider to the right.

With Topaz's apps I can and do often push any particular slider to it's extreme limit and do not see a completely overly strong processed effect. Just kind of strange.

I'n either app I'll often 'click' the Auto button first and then adjust from there. I doubt very much that I apply/save more than 5% percent of my files unadjusted from the 'Auto' setting. I will say now though that I do not have to adjust much from the 'Auto' settings.

A perfect explanation of DenoiseAi's weird behaviour!

I'll only add that when setting NR to zero in low light mode one will get a similar behaviour as you explained for SH at zero. And that's what I applied to your pic. Worked for the NR but was too much for the sharpening.

I also wasn't sure at whom Gairish's question was aimed.

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