**Celebrating ‘Pinhead’ Sensor Bridge Cameras**

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Re: **Celebrating ‘Pinhead’ Sensor Bridge Cameras**

Thanks for popping back in.

Yep, I certainly agree they have their limitations. But I’m not sure that your illustration makes a good example of those limitations.

Looks like you’ve posted the same image from which a large central portion has been taken – evident from the very small size of the crop (623 x 474 pixel) and also because both share exactly the same, to-the-second time of shooting as shown in the EXIF info. Same focal length too!

Assuming this is a crop, small sensors just don’t stand up well to the degree of it that larger sensors do, and definitely not to this extent. Even such a huge crop from any full frame DSLR would not look much better.

I feel however, that under the conditions and at the distance you appear to have been from your owl subject, you’re right to outline that any camera would have struggled under these circumstances, except maybe the bazooka Nikon P950 or P1000 with their massive respective zooms of 2000mm and 3000mm.

All things considered though, sometimes we simply have to acknowledge that there are always going to be situations during which would-be subjects are well out of photographic range, as appears to have been the case in your example, and no matter what camera we’re carrying during any walk-around session. When faced with such scenarios myself, I simply walk on and never even bother attempting to take a shot that I know is beyond the limits of at least reasonable results.

Happy shooting,


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