Hasselblad x1D with 100mp, when??

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Re: Hasselblad x1D with 100mp, when??

Benjamin Kanarek wrote:

IMHO, Fujifilm have decimated the MF market? I have used all of the MF formats for Advertising work and nothing and I do mean nothing comes close to the Fujifilm GFX50s, 50r, 100 and 100s. The last time I used a Blad for a major Swarovski Ad campaign that the ad agency rented for me, it was slower than a constipated turtle! I own 2 x 50s's and now more than ever since updated the firmware, I can use them for 50 to 70 per cent of my work. The rest, for less sedentary stuff, will be picked up by my XT3's and XT4's.

I am assuming you rented a H system? I haven't shot with one in ages, never liked them and yes, they feel like something out of a different time....as do the Phase cameras....both systems with their larger sensors do ultimately provide better files for different applications.....I think the newest Phase field camera is a great example of a high end camera with a completely different workflow.....

the Hasselblad X system with its latest cameras is still behind in AF compared to the GFX but overall workflow and speed is very similar, I owned the GFX 50, I now prefer the X1DII and 907, I think it comes down to personal preference in terms of color more then any actual features or speed.....both systems are not the fastest, both have exceptional glass....

there is the leaf shutter vs HSS preference, I posted some findings on that here and in the studio forum, another example of how great it is to have so much new tech pushing forward and giving us all more and better options.....

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