Electronic shutter on the Sony A7R II

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Re: Electronic shutter on the Sony A7R II

Igor Sotelo wrote:

I'm slowly started to understand how astrophotography is done, and apparently one takes thousands of pictures for selection and stacking.

Was thinking to use my DSLR's but the mechanical shutter on those cameras is limited to only 100K to 200K actuations. Probably also causing vibration of repeated use.

Why care?

Most cameras are replaced long before the shutter wear down anyway.

Till I get a telescope, could use some of my Canon or Nikon telephotos with a planetary/DSO camera, but those lenses are mainly AF with very short throw for precise adjustments.

If your camera have silent shooting vibration should be no issue.

High quality solar, lunar and planetary images are taken with video cameras. Search for lucky imaging, a technique to get detailed images.

Another option is the Sony A7R II using AF adapters or native FE lenses. While the shutter is rated for 500K, has the option to use electronic shutter in a silent mode which probably causes less stress to the camera over time.

But will the sensor or the electronics get damaged because of high electronic shutter count?


Will rolling shutter be an issue?

Not for astronomy.

The A7R II apparently also has some star "eating" algorithms when +30s exposure are used, not sure if that will be a problem?

No real life problem unless using the very best optics and guiding is impeccable. Worst case is that some of the faintest stars turn greenish (RGGB Bayer filter matrix).

Maybe the sensor will get burned by the sun even when using ND filters?

That applies to all mirrorless cameras.

Taking ordinary images where the sun is part the picture is no problem (the IR filter takes care of short term heat). Letting the sun shine into the camera for a prolonged time will cause problems. Simply use a proper solar filter - not ND filters.

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