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Re: EM1X and Topaz Denoise Ai...

Paul Auclair wrote:

kohinoor wrote:

I'm currently on v2.2.2 and I could upgrade freely to v2.3.6 but just realised the latest version (which I assume you're talking about) is v2.4.1
Anyway I'm reluctant to do even the free upgrade because I'm so happy with the version I have which for me is the first DenoiseAi version that does exactly what I want without any glitches.

As to your pics ... I know this is very much about personal preferences but for my liking the 800iso shot of the Robin is much too grainey.
For some reasons I generally do work from jpeg. So I downloaded your Robin pic and ran it thru my DenoiseAi preset to see what I would get. -I'd too much like to show you the result but won't post it without your permission...

Absolutely post your pic.

most, if not all, of the images from this post are edited TIFF files meaning I took an already PP’d image and simply applied the updated DeNoise Ai to it.

so, double sharpening added.

yes indeed it may be too grainy...no worries.
these are old images I was browsing through which I have (I know this is bad) already tossed out the ORF.

(I did a very major hard drive clean up in late 2019)

The pre-processed file is fine for me because I do apply DenAi exclusively on jpeg anyway.

So FWIW here's the pic after my weird settings applied:

It may be a tad oversharpened but that depends on the sharpening prior to DenAi too.

On my 23" screen I wouldn't expand either of them beyond 90%. But at 75-80% both look fine except for the noise in the original.

And again, it's all a matter of preferences. As long as I can remove noise without (ore with very very minor downsides) I will do it.

And btw, -I agree that on the pics you showed the handling of DenAi-defaults looks more subtle than on any versions I've seen so far. And adding pp if needed is better than getting rid of it.

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