EM1X and Topaz Denoise Ai...

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Re: EM1X and Topaz Denoise Ai...

I'm currently on v2.2.2 and I could upgrade freely to v2.3.6 but just realised the latest version (which I assume you're talking about) is v2.4.1
Anyway I'm reluctant to do even the free upgrade because I'm so happy with the version I have which for me is the first DenoiseAi version that does exactly what I want without any glitches.

As to your pics ... I know this is very much about personal preferences but for my liking the 800iso shot of the Robin is much too grainey. 
For some reasons I generally do work from jpeg. So I downloaded your Robin pic and ran it thru my DenoiseAi preset to see what I would get. -I'd too much like to show you the result but won't post it without your permission...

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