Cropping "in camera" versus in post

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Re: Cropping "in camera" versus in post

sirhawkeye64 wrote:

So I was having a discussion with someone today and we were talking about cropping "in camera" (ie. using APS-C mode) versus cropping in post.

I know people have told me when you crop in post (ie. Photoshop or whatever) if you're shooting at higher ISOs it can make the noise more visible in areas (plus some other downsides of cropping in post like pixelation especially if you try to crop down and then enlarge the image which that makes total sense to me that that would happen obviously).

I guess my question is: is cropping "in camera" using a APS-C crop-mode (on a FF body) "better" than doing it in post (say if you cropped to the same resolution in post versus what you'd get out of the camera)?

(Sorry if this opens a can of worms--I know this is probably a bit broad, and probably has a very detailed and technical explanation, but I guess which method is the preferred method to preserve the most detail and not risk pixellation or excessive noise?)

I don’t do anything in camera except taking the picture. All the rest is done in post. It is safer, more precise, gives more possibilities and until now there is no came that can do what I can do in post.


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