Playing around with depth of field and I think I finally get it?

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Re: Beginners Questions &Answers! Should there be an experts only forum?

jlina wrote:


So I had actually wrote to someone on here I consider an expert with this visual aid. If you have two sugar cone ice cream cones, one eaten partway down to 3 in and the other one the full 6 in, and you place them end to end, the exact focal point will be where the two points meet as I understand it. However the back cone will be slightly above the level of the first cone, the diameters of the two circles are going to be vastly different considering where it's photographed from, and you may or may not get all of the front cone in focus depending on aperture, position, how far away you are from the subject etc etc etc.


Here's a diagram that is faithful to what is happening:

Best viewed "original size"

I put this together too quickly so there are some errors but this is the concept.


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