Calibration Monitor difference Facebook,Instagram etc.

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Re: Calibration Monitor difference Facebook,Instagram etc.

Starkiller wrote:

Fcebook does not support color management.

You sure?

The only browser with color management is Firefox, but you have to manually activate it.

Not even close: there are far more color managed browsers: Safari for example and more:

type in:
Search for:
gfx.color_management.mode -> set value to "1" (2 is standard)
gfx.color_management.enablev4 -> set value to "true"

No longer necessary. CMS is on by default now.

Your image must have an embedded color profile. Without an embedded color profile, the profile can not be read.

Yes it can; all color managed applications must make an assumption for untagged data, usually that is sRGB. When you select an RGB Working Space in Photoshops Color Settings, you're also telling Photoshop to assume all untagged data is in sRGB. Switch that to Adobe RGB, all untagged images are now assumed to be Adobe RGB. View sRGB assumed as Adobe RGB or vise versa, you've got a problem! Which is one reason sRGB is recommended for posting to the web. With a profile ideally. But without the profile yet with with a proper color management assumption, no need for that profile, all is fine.

Loading up an image to Facebook deletes the profile.

And sRGB is used for the assumption of the color space in most if not all color managed browsers. You can't have color management without a color space to assume (or know via the tag or EXIF) in order to preview that image. If the data is in that color space, all is fine. Facebook just wants to save 4k per image uploaded with that profile so they strip it, I can see how billions of 4K ICC matrix profiles can add up. Facebook read through a color managed application using sRGB for untagged data, from sRGB data; no problems at all.

Your browser then most likely uses the monitor profile, which is bad, if have a wide garmut monitor.

Safari did this many years ago and it's a mistake to do so, Apple smartly changed this to sRGB. This has nothing to do with sRGB or wider gamut displays, it's a bad idea to assume a display for untagged data instead of sRGB; who actually converts their image data to their display color space? As such, it's silly to assume this. But sRGB can make a lot more sense.

Bottom line: you need a color managed browser. There are many. You need to upload sRGB not because it's ideal but because the vast majority of images, with or without a tag going to the web are reasonably close to sRGB. So when you assume sRGB, it should be fine when the data is in sRGB.

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