Playing around with depth of field and I think I finally get it?

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Re: Beginners Questions &Answers! Should there be an experts only forum?

Ha! I've been accused of having no common sense my whole life, so I developed a whole different level of practicality.

I realized my comment might have been over dramatic about the death of photography but for someone my age going out in a pandemic to take a college class is not going to work and waiting a year or two will mean the death of photography for me.

I read the books I looked at the photos and geometry doesn't do anything for me. from Lily's photos I could tell that her focus was on a specific bead and then see what all the other ones did. as well as her inclusion of batteries with writing on them, interesting to see how the writing was affected.

I think a lot of the poster on here ask something like water is wet, and if that's not okay there should be a separate form called expert answers! and I can think of about a dozen people who definitely belong there.

So I had actually wrote to someone on here I consider an expert with this visual aid. If you have two sugar cone ice cream cones, one eaten partway down to 3 in and the other one the full 6 in, and you place them end to end, the exact focal point will be where the two points meet as I understand it. However the back cone will be slightly above the level of the first cone, the diameters of the two circles are going to be vastly different considering where it's photographed from, and you may or may not get all of the front cone in focus depending on aperture, position, how far away you are from the subject etc etc etc.

For someone like me that has avoided photography all these years you've been doing it because I didn't want to do math, I'd like to be able to work with the ice cream cones. More specifically I'd like to take a wide angle seascape of a ship on a horizon two and a half miles away... that is exactly sharp all the way across and back. I realized it can't be done but my eye tells me otherwise as I've seen photos that certainly appear this way.

My very first post here was in regards to this.

And, as you know, because one person agrees with you that does not mean that your opinion is correct, and by the criteria you've put forward, you would have to find a book that claims that Lily is opinionated or stubborn or resistant. Then you would probably have to vet the writer. then you would have to find a large percentage of the population that agreed with that book thus verifying it. Truth is objective certifiable repeatable. Unchanging. Perception does not equal reality.

This opinion of rudeness much less close-mindedness, is certainly subjective, and to call her so seems rude to me. And it has a definite subtext of shut up and go away. So perhaps just the knowledge on this forum will die....either way the point still stands the beginner should be allowed to post sample photos no matter what they are. If no one wants to answer then don't answer! scroll on by....I reminded of the post by the man who posted it this was the most toxic place he had found on internet for forums. Certainly no one agreed with him and he went away.

I submit objectively that served no one, and is in direct opposition to the title of the forum which is "beginners questions." The person left probably never knowing why his theory was wrong.

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