P40 Pro Crop on Main Camera

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Re: P40 Pro Crop on Main Camera

Panino Manino wrote:

The 50mpx is 50mp, without the pixel supersampling.

What happens when this phone captures an image is this: 50mp input processed to 12.5mp output > 12.5mp cropped to simulate 27nm lens resulting in an approximated 10mp image > 10mp stretched back to the original 12.5mp final output.

When you zoom out just a bit before switching to the ultra-wide the camera have no choice than avoid making that crop. So your 12.5mp SOOC is not stretched, less blurry.

At first I didn't believe you, but I've spent some time having a look at some of the samples at GSM Arena where they show the same scene shot at 12.5MP and 50MP.

If I take the 50MP images, crop to 85% (23mm -> 27mm), downsize to 12.5MP, then apply a little sharpening, it does indeed look more detailed than the default 12.5MP images. It's quite stunning actually just how much detail you can extract from a scene doing this (applying additional sharpening on the default 12.5MP images doesn't help either). I might do a separate comparison on this in a separate post.

The question I have though, is what do you lose in shooting at 50MP in terms of computational processing? In particular, dynamic range?

I purchased a P40 Pro yesterday and it's still sitting here in its box, unopened. I just want to be sure I'm going to be happy with it as a photographic tool before I open it - if I decide to return I can't do that once it's unopened. So your comments are appreciated.

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