Playing around with depth of field and I think I finally get it?

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Re: Beginners Questions &Answers! IQ vs EQ

Hi Ted,  how are you doing? I posted something similar to this on the Panasonic thread and I want to just put this out there on the beginners forum.

Everyone talks about IQ and Qi in terms of photos. There is also IQ in terms of intellect and EQ in terms of emotional intelligence for humans.

on the other forum someone suggested I simply use a cell phone and quit trying or that if I kept going eventually I might get it. I'm sure they were very sincere in their suggestion. However my reply was that with this attitude photography will die!

If we do not encourage people to experiment and post their photos, if we do not applaud the efforts that are not perfect then we are not foisting an environment for the beginner photographer. Thus the formum is not functioning as it should. I actually found myself private messaging people with questions just to avoid the fractionated or opinionated responses here.

I've read plenty of books about depth of focus as well, but watching what Lilly was doing was eye opening to me. I've even drawn a few triangles and of course looked at plenty of charts. I get the concept but when I photograph something I did not get the 1/3 / 2/3 general rule.

Experience must go along with book learning. She is not closed minded and she is telling you that she is somewhat experienced and was excited to share her results with her willing audience.

However the willing audience is sometime in question for me. If people here only want to talk among the experts themselves then what is the purpose of allowing us beginners to ask questions? I felt very much as if after a time I was told to shut up and sit down. And yes go read a book. and thank you for that suggestion I actually ordered the book.

I hope you will take this into consideration in your future replies. I hope a lot of people will take this into consideration. I have seen people post a question and literally never come back and yet the thread will continue for 30 or 40 posts arguing with the terminology on a word specific to photography or intellect.

People here have a vast knowledge, encyclopediac I think. but if we can't encourage people to post and share that knowledge the knowledge will die.

Best wishes to you, have a fine day!

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