Microfocus adjustment frequency (Canon vs Third party lenses)

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Re: Microfocus adjustment frequency (Canon vs Third party lenses)

Andy01 wrote:

I can't comment on 3rd party AF lenses as I stopped buying them after a poorly performing Sigma 17-50 f2.8. Nearly all of them (3rd party AF lenses) seem to have some sort of issue with some or other Canon body (especially newer DSLRs) - even if it is a non-AF related issue like the Sigma 24-105 chewing batteries faster than a Canon lens. I have one 3rd party lens and that is a Samyang 14mm f2.4 XP (their premium range of lenses) and it is MF.


Colin - unfortunately I need to disagree based on my experience with Sigma.  I own 2 Sigma lenses an Art and Sports and I use to own a legacy EX but sold that.

The Art and EX out of the box flawlessly worked.

The Sports lens was back focusing for me.  I drove the 3 hours to Long Island NY where Sigma has their service center and they adjusted the lens to my Canon 5D.M4 at no charge.  While I was their they confirmed the performance of my Art lens.

I have a lot of praise for Sigma and their lenses in how they perform both as a company and product on my Canon body.

If (and this is a big if) I stay with Canon in the future after my 5D breaks, I will still use Sigma my go-to lens brand.  But right now my Olympus (with Olympus glass) are my primary camera system, and the Canon has been regulated down to low-light photography only.  I have owned 3 Canon DSLR camera bodies over 20 years and that is all in jeopardy because of their decision to EOL the EF mount and the EOS R body was a terrible product when I evaluated it.  I have no experience with R5 or R6.  Olympus on the other hand, has completely blown me away....with exception of low-light performance.  It's small sensor struggles to handle ISO greater than 5000.

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