Which 35 mm lens to buy?

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Re: Which 35 mm lens to buy?

I'm like you still in search of "reliable" 35mm for Sony. I'm more into landscape and I'd like to use the 35mm in some scenarios and the challenge so far has been to find a 35mm that has good control of purple fringing.

I purchased the Sony 35mm f/1.8 and I think among the tens of lenses I've owned or tested, it is the worst in PF. High contrast shots are lit up in purple even when shooting at the sweet spot of f/5.6-f/7.1 (obviously at f/1.8 it is terrible). I use Lightroom and setting the correction to even 20 (max setting you can use in LR), does not fix it completely.

I just rented this time the new Sigma f/2 and while it is much better in controlling PF than the Sony, it is still there. I do have to correct it manually still in LR but usually a setting of 5-8 is sufficient.

The 2 lenses are very similar as far bokeh, auto-focus and usability. The Sigma manual focus feels better and the added aperture ring is a plus. I would give a nudge to the Sigma for rendering, but that is a personal thing and 99% of the time you can get whatever you want in post-processing.

If PF is no concern to you, either of these two lenses would work for you. On my end, the hunt still continues...

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