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Re: They are amazing sensors

John McCormack wrote:

Jon_T wrote:

Stevie Boy Blue wrote:

Indeed, Rodger, for their size, these sensors are amazing. ...

Especially the 12MP 1/2.3" sensors.

The Sony 18MP sensor on my tiny HX80 P&S camera continues to amaze me - in good light anyway. It handles post processing very well and the HX80 only has JPEG available, no RAW.

Yes with good enough lighting and low ISO's the 18MP+ 1/2.3" 'can' get good results; especially if one mainly view images at lower resolution on computer display or HDTV; as I noted in my post HERE,

But in lower lighting/ higher ISO's the larger pixel size of the 12MP sensors will have noticeably LESS noise.

FZ200 12 MP Pixel sensor Area Size: 2.34µm2
FZ80 18 MP sensor Pixel Area Size : 1.56µm2

Hence the 12 MP sensor pixel has a 49% larger pixel area, than the 18 MP sensor's pixel area size. Larger area pixel surface area more light (protons) per pixel; hence less image noise per pixel.

Know for a fact the at 400 and higher ISO's my FZ80 has noticeably higher image noise with overall lower IQ than my FZ200 or ZS50, even when I downsample the FZ80 images to the 12 MP resolution. Shooting/ PP FZ80 RAW images helps a 'little'.

Being an old film photog do not mind image noise that's similar to 'film grain'. The problem with the FZ80 the image noise on the FZ80 obliterates image fine details.

ZS50 1600 ISO; full size. Shot to prevent highlights from being blown. Shadows raised 2-3 stops; pizza in foreground was underexposed that it was not recognizable in original image.

As always, to each his/ her own needs/ preferences.


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