Playing around with depth of field and I think I finally get it?

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Forget it....

J A C S wrote:

LillyRoseAvalos wrote:

First of all I did crop a couple images in one post

All of them in the OP: "Fyi these are all cropped", and I am talking about the OP.

but I told everyone I had cropped them and that was again in one single post. Making it out like I cropped all my photos is dishonest.

See above. It is dishonest to twist my words like that.

Second I reviewed them prior to cropping them me doing that slight crop didn't change the DOF in a perceptible way.

We did not know how much you cropped them and I did say that.

So my macro shots don't give you a realistic example of depth of field in landscape photography. When did I ever say I was solely concentrated on landscape photography?

Logic 101 failure. I did not say "solely". But then you did not say "solely macro" either.

If you want the uncropped battery pictures you could just have asked me. You seem to think my experiments were poorly chosen because you had the wrong idea about them to begin with I could have given you the uncropped experiment if you wanted it and you could have told me my experiments are not representative across all types of photography much earlier. Putting all of this into one single post on page three right after I had another guy complain about how I don't read enough books makes your comment seems kind of petty.

If you really want to learn something, you should lose that attitude first.

And lastly maybe you should ask me what I want to get out of these experiments?

We are on p.3 and you are still hiding it? Spill the beans!

Forget it J A C K S.

She is defensive, closed minded and hostile...

It is impossible to teach anything to someone with that attitude.


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