Playing around with depth of field and I think I finally get it?

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Re: Respectfully....

LillyRoseAvalos wrote:

I am myself a very visual person that's why I struggle so much with math and for the longest time I thought I was just stupid but I realized that math can be way way to abstract for a visual person like me to comprehend. Saying that there is one effective method of learning is wholly inaccurate. I used to swallow books whole as a kid I loved imagining other places making up other worlds And I love love languages.

Tedolf says he don't want this thread locked but I have read the things he wrote carefully I have also read the comment he made after his original post. It seems pretty inflammatory to me. And frankly several of the contributions Tedolf has made to other threads falls into the same category. Overly critical with no constructive criticisms to be found anywhere. That is just my own observation however.

Maybe dpreview should just close the beginner section of dpreview and tell any newbie that comes here to go read a book? What topics are worthy of being discussed in the beginner section only wholly original ones?

Three things Angela:

First, the site has a search function which is very valuable. The question you asked has been asked and answered many times before. You might have found those threads to be valuable.

Second, I think thus forum is highly valuable with respect to the non-technical, subjective aspects of photography where there is really no objectively correct answer. As to the mire technical aspects, there us an awful lot of simply wrong information here mixed in with correct and semi-correct information. It is very difficult for a beginner to figure out what is correct and what is incorrect. As to these matters you are better off consulting an authoritative text like the one I directed you to.

Finally, as for your ad hominem attacks against me I would suggest the the camel does not see her own hump.

And who will we appoint the judge? Will the other sections of this forum have to follow the same stringent standards on originality?

Anyway I think what Bill says is mostly correct. For me having been able to make these experiments and share them with you all have given me a kind of insight that I would never have had otherwise. I mean I would never have stumbled upon Bills wonderful website if I didn't bore you all with my picture's Hopefully that's all that needs to be said on this topic. But If Ted has more he wishes to share on this topic I respectfully suggest that he make his own thread. Have a nice Saturday everyone


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