Playing around with depth of field and I think I finally get it?

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Re: Respectfully....

LillyRoseAvalos wrote:

"First, you said that you cropped them and you did not say how much. Cropping changes the apparent DOF. "

Anyone who reads this without going through the thread will think I cropped all my photos which is dishonest. Nowhere do you state which post you are referring to.

No, this is incorrect. I should have said that I was referring to your OP and you should have corrected me, fine, but calling me dishonest is over the top.

You never asked me how much I cropped them with. And your surprised you don't know? First of all why would I use crops of photos if the crops clearly show a change in DOF? You think I would do that?

I do not know, would I? I see enough people now knowing that even in the Open Forum.

And again you could just have asked me how much I cropped them by but instead you complain. Which says it all really. Nobody else is getting worked up over this except you. And its completely unnecessary. If it bothered you so much ask me? Instead of crying about it on page three.

I am not crying. Please stay civil.

To clarify. You say my macro photography does not apply to other types of photography. I have never said it does. You made that assumption.

Another formal logic mistake. I did not made the assumption that you said that. You may very well know it or not but this does not change the fact that it was not stated and it may mislead whoever reads that.

Now you picking apart one word one single word I used which is frankly just silly.

What's wrong with my attitude? You have had plenty of opportunity to ask me how much I cropped that one experiment. You have had plenty of opportunity to tell me Hey you do realize your experiments don't apply to all kinds of photography right?

Well, this is what I did, but in a more polite way...

But instead of doing this so you drop all of this into my lap on page three. Using semantics to prop up your assumptions.

I do not understand your frustration. You could just say that you were aware of all that and move along. Why all the anger?

BTW, what did (you think) you learn from all that?

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