Who here has owned a Dlux typ 109 and a dlux 7?

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Leica Eye wrote:

Ed B wrote:

Ed B wrote:

Thurnau, This is a great forum with nice people but there's actually very little information when it comes to cameras that are Panasonic clones (on the inside).

Anyway, go to the Leica Forum (not the DPR forum) and you'll get a lot more information about cameras like the Type 109 and the D-Lux 7.


I've read that Panasonic claims increased sealing on the LX100II/D-Lux7 that corrects the original's dust issue.

Not sure how true this is but I haven't read about any problems with the D-Lux7.

Why are you looking for problems? most all cameras work flawlessly, I've used Leicas for over 40+years (No Issues 111f/M3/M6/R6.2/early Digilux/D-Lux/D-Lux4/M-P240 Safari Set/X1/XVario/D-Lux7/V-Lux4/V-Lux40) Leica are pretty good at standing by their owners..Buy It, or Move On..L

I was responding to Vetteran's statement about dust problems with the Type 109.

And yes, I agree that if there's a problem with a Leica branded camera Leica customer service is very good.

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