Nx300m Vs Nx500 colors

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Re: Nx300m Vs Nx500 colors

Fizo82 wrote:

Yes i agree with you, for the first time having both the 300 and 500 i realised the 500 not only different on skin tones, it has different color on landscape too, colors seem to be oversaturated, blue sky is bluer, green on trees is striking green.. the 300 colors is natural as it is.

yes, I do agree, NX3000/NX300 had the nicest jpg output, the NX300 had terrible video codec though, and destroyed the whole experience, while NX3000 had amazing (soft Canon like video) with terrible specs though!

NX1/NX500 were technological marvels, and still are in some ways with a lot better color science than even the latest A/a cameras.

NX300/NX3000 they had also AMAZING build quality, NX500 is a lot more plasticky.

Saying all that, ALL NX cameras seem to suffer from the PSAM dial dissease, something that brings down even us, the most fanatic funs of the NX system!

I haven't used the NX30, how that compares to build quality with the NX300, and anyone knows if the video mode/codec was any better? That must be a very good camera to hold probably, as it has the same jpg engine with NX300/NX3000 I believe, while being a slightly improved prosumer camera.

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