Nikon Z7-II Banding Issue

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Re: Nikon Z7-II Banding Issue

nnanda wrote:


Thank you very much; your suggestion helped.

I kept silent shooting ON, and it seems this is mutually exclusive with "Electronic shutter" menu option. I set the value of this as AUTO and now the banding is gone.

I think I have to read a little bit more on this silent shooting option. I am not sure where does it actually help.

Thank you again.

Although the Nikon UI doesn't make this very apparent, you can only have one of these 3 options active at a time:

1. d5: Shutter Type - Mechanical: mechanical shutter is used to begin and end exposure.

2. d5: Shutter Type - Electronic Front-Curtain Shutter: mechanical shutter is only used to end exposure. This (aka EFCS) is not the same as what other manufacturers call plain 'Electronic Shutter' (that's the next option).

(leave d5 at 'Auto' to allow the camera to choose between 1 or 2 depending on conditions)

3. Shooting menu: Silent Photography ON: mechanical shutter is not used for exposure at all. This is what other manufacturers such as Canon call plain 'Electronic Shutter'. Once enabled, it overrrides d5 settings.

It can be confusing if you're coming from e.g. Canon where these three options are grouped together in one menu and their mutual exclusion is more apparent.

The uses of Silent Photography are in the name: when you don't want to disturb your surroundings with shutter noise, or want to minimize shutter shock. There are many limitations in this mode that have been discussed at length in other threads - and here you've discovered one. This banding can also be reduced in Silent Photography mode by lowering shutter speed.

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