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I think sometimes there's a little too much voodoo talk about sensors and color science. As far as I know, the GFX sensors come from Sony, who also makes the APS-C sensors. There's a pretty high chance that they use the same dyes for the CFA of many of their sensors, so the spectral sensitivities may be quite similar between the two ranges. Even if they're not, the conversion math isn't exotic stuff for a color scientist. (I had the wonderful privilege of working with one from RIT for several years. They're amazing!) They've brought the "Standard" Provia emulation to every one of the X cameras well enough, so it's certainly possible. The QA, firmware writing, marketing, and product strategy kind of stuff is likely as much or more of the burden of a new film sim than the thing itself.
I REALLY hope to see it come to at least the high-end line of X cameras, but more than that I want Fuji to stay in business and keep making these delightful boxes!

I think that unfortunately Fuji are very aware these days that the film sims are one of their big differentiators in the market and that, as all these cameras lines evolve to the point where they’re all pretty mature and equivalent in feature sets and performance terms, the fact that camera A has a new film sim in camera and camera B doesn’t, is a genuine selling point.

We all know its just colour profiles, we all know that all these film sims could be shared with all their cameras very easily, but Fuji seem to have made a commercial decision some time ago now that it isn’t going to happen.  I fully expect Nostalgic Neg to come to the X series cameras... but probably in the XH2.

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