Fuji X-T2 "Still Relevant in 2021"

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Re: Fuji X-T2 "Still Relevant in 2021"

Man, I'm with 'Remco' on this one.  I really think for the price, at the moment, that the X-T3 is the 'relevant' one.  I had two X-T2's, and yes they are great cameras.  I sold them about 2 years ago and updated to two X-H1's, which I really love and still use all the time.  However, when I recently bought a mint 16 1.4, the H-1's couldn't 'cut the mustard' for focusing on fast moving objects, with that older lens.

I was forced to upgrade just so I could focus properly with the 1.4 lens.  Prices here in Australia on 'Fleabay' for used X-T2 are still around 900 -1200 dollars.  I got a brand new X-T3 (with Fuji rebate and Boxing day specials) for 1,300 and something dollars.  The X-T3 has a real sweet spot - smaller than my H-1's, blazing fast autofocus like the T4 (and no goofy screen like the T4), and the same new backlit sensor.  All of this for not much more than a used T2.  Go figure guys!


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