Playing around with depth of field and I think I finally get it?

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Re: Playing around with depth of field and I think I finally get it?

Oh no me who has never read a single book in her life Just to add there are probably a hundred a thousand subjects topics that has been discussed on this website on this forum repeatedly and hey on the internet as a whole. If I can be philosophical for a moment that's life. Its cyclical and I very much doubt that this habit only belongs to the newbies. Yes we can chase after anything that remotely resembles repetition but what is the point? If this repetition annoys you I think partly its because you misunderstood what this thread is about. I have read plenty of articles on depth of field and I enjoyed reading every one of them but only by experimenting did I feel that I truly understood how it works.

I think this is true for a lot of people and not just for photography. Now Yes I could just give up on life and just read up on everything forget experiments and just do what the experts say but what if I told you I don't want to? I want to live my life as if it was new. I don't want a game plan.

I was so floored at the moment that I was in control I was in control of my camera look at what I did mom! that I made a thread on dpreview. I'm very sorry if this offends you. Hopefully this response will be adequate because I don't want to quarrel with you. I have two types of interest in cameras one is photography one is technical I like knowing how the camera works basically. This is it not perfectly in balance I admit I sometimes see the forest for the trees.

And I also want to say that I don't share your opinion about this thread contributors.

I have nothing but respect and kindness towards them. They been very helpful  and have been nice enough to view my pictures and if I had never posted my bad examples I would never have met them.


Prior to reading this thread so I forced myself out into the morning cold. Here are couple photos I took on my short adventure outside

My first attempt was this flower thingy I didn't get it in focus though I thought if I manually focused on the ice the whole thing would be in focus. its probably cause I was shooting at 2.0.

On my way back I took revenge on my badly focused shot and now the sun had come up which was nice.

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