**Celebrating ‘Pinhead’ Sensor Bridge Cameras**

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2007 to 2020 - S3is, SX10is, FZ200, FZ330, TZ60, TZ90

In 2007 after I retired I restarted photography after a pause of several decades and bought a Canon S3is. I used that until 2009 and then used a Canon SX10is until 2013, when I bought an FZ200. In 2016 I bought an FZ330. In 2013 I bought a Canon SX240, in 2015 a TZ60 and in 2018 a TZ90.

While using these 1/2.3" sensor cameras I also used larger sensor cameras some of the time. Starting in 2011 I used micro four thirds cameras - G3 then G5, G80 and G9, and from 2014 a Canon 70D dSLR. However, I kept coming back to 1/2.3", especially for close-ups of invertebrates, one of my two main subject areas (the other being flowers etc). And (not having a smartphone) a 1/2.3" pocketable superzoom remains my go to device for "out and about, just in case something turns up", not that I did any of that in 2020.

In the second half of 2020 I moved away once more from 1/2.3" for invertebrates, this time to a full frame setup. Whether this will be a permanent move, or whether as with micro four thirds and APS-C I go back to 1/2.3" remains to be seen.

Stevie Boy Blue wrote:

In my view, the pinhead sensor should be embraced, appreciated and celebrated as an extraordinary piece of technology often seen to punch well above its weight in terms of output. After all, cameras like the FZ300 can and do churn out some pretty impressive images, the quality of which can be much higher than we might initially anticipate based solely on specification of chip and processor.

While my bridge cameras, and especially the FZ200 and FZ330, have been sturdy workhorses, the cameras that have struck me as particularly extraordinary have been the pocketable superzooms ("travel cameras"). I have not used them a great deal as I don't get out and about much outside of our small town. But even so they have managed to impress me from time to time with what they can produce, with the really extraordinary thing for me being that despite their huge zoom range they fit comfortably into a pocket.

Here are 10 images from my 1/2.3" sensor cameras. Those from the S3is and SX10is were shot as JPEGs, the Panasonic images as raw. They have all been post processed.











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