Upgrade a6000 to a6500 or a6600 (or even a7C) in 2021?

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I’ve had my a6000 since 2014 and while I don’t need to upgrade... if I were to upgrade my body, should I opt for the a6500 or a6600? Or even make the leap to full frame with the a7C, using my APS-C lens as a stopgap? The reason why I’m focused on a6500 and a6600 is because of the IBIS, which will be handy for one of my two main lens (below).

usage: 95% stills, 5% video

main lens: Zeiss Touit 32mm F/1.8 and Sony Vario-Tessar T* E 16-70mm F4 ZA OSS

In order for you to get any rational and realistic responses to your question, you would first need to explain why you want to upgrade your camera.

In otherwords, why do you think your images are lacking, and in what way. Also, what do you normally shoot, portraits, lanscapes, low light, action shots, etc... Once you answer those questions, you will get much better responces.

Also, if you have any pictures you are really not happy with (if that is the problem), if you could post them eith exif data, that would be a very big help.

Oh, there’s no rational reason why I want to upgrade. I don’t need to at all and the a6000 does everything I need it to. I just like the idea of having something newer and if I had to choose between the a6500 or the a6600, which is the better buy is what I have to determine.

It’s stupid, I know.

You're going to want the newer AF system if you shoot anything that moves. Eliminate the A6500 from your list

Complete nonsense!

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