Sony a6000 vs Nikon coolpix A

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Re: Sony a6000 vs Nikon coolpix A

timatkins wrote:

cropped from larger pics, im about 5-6 feet away from the marionette, focusing on the wallpaper, with spot on both.

Did another test, just indoors, and what a HUGE difference. These are OOC jpegs. Kitlens on the a6000.

What am I doing wrong? is it the sensor or the glass on the a6000 that is yielding such crappy results?

First off, I'm not experienced with the A6000 but looking at your first set of pictures, do you have some sort of in-camera noise reduction turned on?  If so, try turning it off and test again.   I say that because if you look at the wall paper, it seems like the section to the left of the water bottle is blurred more than the section to the right of the water bottle.  Also, if you look at the wooden drawer, the handle seems to be somewhat OK focus/sharpness-wise, but the wood pattern is all washed out.

Also, is your A6000 focusing accurately?  On the CPA, it will pretty much be spot on every time with the contrast detect.   Sometimes with my DSLR's, if I suspect my phase detect focus is not accurate for a particular lens/focal length, I may check it with Live View which changes the focus to contrast detect.  I don't know how you would do that in the A6000 though to double check since it's probably a hybrid system.  Maybe have to engage manual focus.

But check your NR settings first to see if you can eliminate that as a contributing factor.

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