Anyone know where this is taken?

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Re: (for those curious) I think I found it

tarakanchik wrote:

ssww wrote:

KENTGA wrote:

Thanks, but what country is it in? I looked on Google Earth but could not find it.


Somewhere in the Tibet region. You can see a map on this page:

I think that's where I found the info too Thanks for confirming!

Nice find! Besides the map, the first review on that page has a good description of where it is (well, I assume it would be good if you're familiar with the geography of that region, which I'm not):

"Lianbaoye is located in the southeastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is a branch of the southern section of Bayan Ela Mountain. It is located between Aba County in Sichuan Province and Jiuzhi County and Banma County in Qinghai Province."

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