Strobes direct light vs softbox or shoot through umbrella.

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Re: Strobes direct light vs softbox or shoot through umbrella.

Alexis Cantury wrote:

LordKOTL wrote:


Hello there.

Yes. I tested with and without modifiers and found no different (compensating output power of the strobes and once I removed the outer shadows and white background). I think that even with the modifiers, seeing as how I use the four of them close to the piece, and ironing it so it is absolutely flat, the shadows are gone without the need of the modifiers.

Having said that, the thread was to get some opinions and ideas from you guys as to what difference in color or any other aspect can be different even if at looking at the photos I don't see any difference. What I mean is that maybe I don't see it but when you edit a bit more some parameter is worse or better with or without modifiers.

I hope what I said made any sense. In any case I wanted to know if there was something I was missing before starting because I have a lot of items to photograph and wanted to start with a somewhat decent plan.

Thanks for your time and your help. This forum is great and the opinions I get are of great value to me.


If you don't see any appreciable difference between bare strobes and softboxes, then I would run with the bare strobes if that's how you want to shoot--my $0.02 (no refunds).

Truth be told I'm not a stickler for perfect color since I tend to edit to what looks good to my eye, and I personally haven't noticed anything that would prevent getting a good WB color between using a bare strobe/speedlight (Godox AD200, Godox TT685, or a Nikon SB-500) with or without a softbox and with the flashes at different power levels.  The only difference I notice between softbox and not is the hardness of the light and/or hotspots--usually with the fresnel heads as opposed to bare bulb

You and others may be more exacting than I am, so take my opinion with a grain of salt if necessary.

Good luck and happy shooting.

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