Time to get closer....Macro lens for D7500

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Re: Time to get closer....Macro lens for D7500

I looked far and wide for my DX and settled on the Sigma 150mm F/2.8 APO EX Macro DG HSM Lens. The working distance is fantastic on DX, and as a FF lens we use the sweet spot of the lens.The sharpness is incredible even opened up,has nine bladed aperture, heavy as a brick, and there are three selectable focus distances,and it comes with a tripod collar.Tom Hogan has compared this lens and it's advantages on DX compared to full frame.

In the midrange , it autofocuses well and the OS is good handheld.. At 1:1 ,naturally it's manual focus only.

I like this the best for skittish insects because of the working distance; I just couldn't imagine a working distance of 4 inches (hood on )with a 90 -105mm -even the classic Nikon D lens; those would be fine for flowers or stationary objects..
This lens (2016) isn't manufactured now ,but there are many good used copies out there.Usually comes with a padded case,a DX hood and an FX hood. I just leave the full frame hood on.

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