Topaz DeNoise AI Upgrade Plan

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Re: Topaz DeNoise AI Upgrade Plan

mikero wrote:

I've just received an email offering me a 1 year upgrade plan for $49, which would allow me to upgrade to v2.4. This strikes me as almost like a subscription model.

Given that the current version of DeNoise AI seems to be working just fine for me, I can't really see that this is good value. Thoughts?



Topaz use a slight modification of the perpetual licence model which actually seems to be of benefit to users. You avoid the cliff edge version changes which the less well informed can suffer if they don't know when major versions are going to be released and purchase V2 a couple of months before V3 is released. You get 12 months upgrades including major releases.

So as with the usual perpetual licence approach, you keep the version that is working until the new version offers you something you like.

Their pricing is also geared towards making users who have several plugins more attractive. Their Photo Upgrade option is $99 i believe covers DeNoise/Sharpen/Gigapixel and Mask AI. A more attractive proposition if you have the other Topaz products.

If you do ever upgrade remember that the davidkelly" code will get you a 15% discount:


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