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Re: Camera fell off tripod

monstersmasher wrote:

Hi everyone,

I'm an amateur photographer and definitely know very little about cameras. I bought a Sony A7iii with a 28-70 mm kit lens last year (upgrade from my old Canon T4i). Three months in, the camera fall off the tripod. I had a screen protector on which saved the display screen. I noticed an instant dent around the metal ring part of the lens. The camera instantly started having focus issues (the aperture on the screen was showing as "-"). It was still taking pictures but they were all blurred.

Long story short, I got it repaired and the shutter was replaced along with a few minor repairs on the lens. The camera is working fine now but it makes me nervous because I've barely used it (shutter count was 1400 when it fell). I'm just nervous that a year from now, the old issue might cause a new issue, resulting in more repairs. I will probably not be replacing the camera for another 5 years.

For those of you who have gotten cameras repaired, how often have you faced issues related to the initial damage? I am thinking of selling the camera (maybe take a hit of a few hundred). Would you consider that a wise decision?

Sounds similar to my crash, except my son pulled the camera strap hard from a shelf that was 6 foot 3 inches high resulting in the camera with lens attached crashing lens first onto a stone tile floor right in front of me.

The lens was an original Ef 24-70mm f2.8 Almost all of the body and zoom barrell/mechanism needed replacement.

However the glass lens did not despite a bent filter ring, etc. So the original glass remained but I did not want to spend great deal more money to replace the glass, even if necessary and would have sold it for parts, busted glass and all.

Before the crash I was not that impressed with its images. After repair that did not really change much.

Then I bought an R5. Used an adaptor and for whatever reasons, the lens was now far better to the point, I decided not to buy the $2k Rf 24-70mm after renting it for a weekend because the difference between the Ef and the Rf was very little.

Still working great. Instead I spent the money on an Rf28-70mm f2. Love that over the other two.

I know nothing about Sony or what to expect from their lens and I will leave it to others. Same for Nikon and all the rest. st al.

It is not that I worship Canon.

Started with Canon two hundred years ago as my first camera that was a gift. All I can do to keep up with all the Canon stuff.

So while i had your same misgivings for years, plus i felt duty bound to disclose the history of the lens, meaning I would get almost nothing if I sold it, the story has a happy ending for the me.

Btw. The canon 1ds came down on top of the lens and appeared undamaged and still works great with all of the other Ef lens for more than 15years EXCEPT The 24-70mm.  The 24-70mm absorbed the impact. When I picked it up I fully expected to hear the sound of glass tinkling down on the tile but nope.

But I worried about both for a long time, well maybe.....

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