Data recovered - but HOW ??

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Erik Ohlson
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Data recovered - but HOW ??

OK, so due to great advise from time to time on this forum, everything "Mac" was going smoothly - until we had a power surge. These are not uncommon here, never bothering my Macs- but this time my iMac, (running Mojave,) would now not boot: attempting to boot resulted in the Chime, black screen with Apple logo & a progress bar which looked OK, but stopped - every time - when it was about 1/5th of the way from the left, sat there, and then about 57 seconds later, everything went black, machine no longer making any sort of action.

Same result in all attempts to boot in every way I could find using my wife's computer, online as a reference : the usual attempts to re-start holding various keys down &tc, &tc... always exactly the same sequence. PRAM & all that.

For some reason, I had bought an extended warranty for this Amazon refurb - but I had no confidence that these folks would make any particular effort to save quite a few photos that were stuck in the machine.

So, asked a local repair shop which specializes in Macs if they could possibly get the photo data out without voiding the warranty. They took it in, and a couple of days later, gave the still broken iMac back to me + an SSD with my data on it, just as it had been on the iMac. They said the computer still didn't work because the HDD was dead.

When I turned the Mac in, the guy had asked for my iCloud password: but I have never had any "Cloud" service. I gave him no passwords.

The computer still will not boot and displays the exact symptoms as before, so it's on it's way to the Warranty folks.

Finally, the question: how could this shop get the data out of a machine with a dead HDD, no passwords, and unable to boot??

Apparently it's a 'trade secret' the guy did not want to discuss it, just got his fee, gave me the SSD with my data & my apparently unopened iMac ( I see NO disturbance in the glueline around the edges of the Mac: that was part of the deal: don't mess up the warranty.)

Any thoughts ?

"Inquiring mind wants to know".

So I can do it next time: they had NO passwords from me.

Thanking all in advance.

I think I'll look into "Cloud" storage.

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