Strobes direct light vs softbox or shoot through umbrella.

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Re: Strobes direct light vs softbox or shoot through umbrella.

NikonNature wrote:

So from this and one of your other comments it sounds like you are doing clothing 'flats'. It is also worth pointing out that shadows and highlights will be present on the clothing - slight wrinkles, buttons, seems, etc. I think the shadows you are worried about the shadows from the garment that show on the background. The best way to deal with that is to have at least two lights coming from opposite sides. You said you have 4, so you can play with the remaining two to see if you can get even better results.

A quick search turned up this video that might give you some ideas. Basically, shooting straight down on your garment which is laying flat on a white background. Lights with softboxes (bare flash can work too, but a softbox will create soft even light) coming from above, but two opposing angles.

Hello there.

The setup shown in the video is somewhat similar to the one I build for myself while I was practicing and learning. I even started using about a couple of weeks ago the hair and dirt removal spinner that I use to remove my dog's hair from day to day clothing so it is great for flattening and polishing the look on the piece.

I also got a manfrotto tripod for top down view and I use 4 flashes instead of 2 but the setup is the same, in principle.

Indeed the shadows I'm worried about are the outer ones.

I bought the soft boxes and umbrellas to try, but after a few test, I found that the images tend to be darker all around even when compensating for the project I need.

When I used bare light, while the outer shadows were harsh, the image didn't get an orangy look to it. I also tested with a few portraits and in this case the soft boxes AMAZING, so it is indeed a case for the right tool for the right job.

I know I am doing my own setup and I'm no professional but I do have my particular vision even if it does not goes as per the norm.

Having said that, all my questions here were related as to how the color and/or other aspects would be affected if I used only bare light. To further remove shadows I use all four coming from each direction so the shadows on the surface of the piece of garment are not present.

I thank you for your time and I have already watched the video of course, and all this helps me to get to a better choice.


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