i7 vs i9 in a Laptop

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Re: i7 vs i9 in a Laptop

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I expect to be buying a laptop, mainly for photo editing (but also for occasional video editing, on the go.) Would someone care to comment on the differences / advantages of the current crop of Intel i7 vs i9 ?

Thank you

One thing to consider is that many laptops don't have great CPU cooling systems; the i9 may be faster for short periods of heavy load, but depending on the efficiency of the cooling system have little advantage on sustained loads as it may encounter more thermal throttling.

what he said!

throttling aside, I might never buy an HP laptop after long observations that they quickly devolve into loud beasts where the fan never stops whirling at full speed.    Probably unfair to hold onto this, but as he said, look to the model reviews.

A cpu that can't sustain peak perf will not be a good video editor.   And one that is always loud will annoy you to no end.

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