D780 and Z owners - AF-C Single Focus - LiveView vs OVF any different?

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Re: D780 and Z owners - AF-C Single Focus - LiveView vs OVF any different?

No worries, I'm quite comfortable with my technical abilities, experience, and expectations.   I fully realize and respect that these are working out for so many with no trouble.  IT IS somewhat ME, but not all ME.

My bad, on the Z50 you have to set it to Program to use AF-C, but the issue even occurs with subject tracking on stills subjects.  Sure, I realize at that point I'm in the wrong mode.    However, if it is focused for two seconds so wonderfully, why does it have to readjust?!  Something just isn't right.  Dialing all my settings/sensitivity back should help resolve the issue.  It would be one less change I have to make when shooting.

If I could limit/remove M and AFA and just toggle between AF-S and AF-C it would be better for me personally.  That is not "the" deal breaker though, just a piece of the puzzle...

Saturday while hiking the EVF on my Z6II stopped working. I verified that it wasn't the viewfinder sensor or NR. Detaching the lens and re-attaching it was the only way to get it back on. This was originally only happening with my FTZ and 300PF indoors. Now this was happening with my 24-200.  After a few shots it would vanish again. The playback button did not trigger it or the LCD either.  Sometimes the LCD would work and sometimes not.  It would still take photos though.  Sorry, I'm just not going to go through a Nikon ticket, troubleshooting, a possible Nikon repair, etc. on a 2mo body...  I fix things for a living and don't want my HOBBY to be more like my job!

The deal breaker for me is the lack of buttons and dials compared to a DSLR.  I want to lock the AF point at center.  An assigned subject tracking button doesn't acquire as well, like the OK button does.  So you end up wasting a programable button as well.  I want to change modes from S to A from a user setting without losing everything.  My best setup so far made me choose between bracketing and metering because I ran out of buttons.

None of this is an issue with the DSLR layout.  That ergonomics has been my main draw to Nikon.  For $4k with a few lenses I want more of the checkboxes ticked.  I'm still excited with the Z system because they're getting there!

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