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allineedislight wrote:

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allineedislight wrote:

in any case, to choose between M100 and M200 I would recommend watching the M200 cameralabs review:


he actually recommends in the end getting the M100 if you can still find one

That is a very bad advice if you want good AF.

if you are on a fixed budget, I think its better to get a M100 plus the 22mm prime

than M200 with just the kit lens.

just my 2cents.

That's about different kinds of better.  It's always better to get the 22mm prime in stead of the kitlens, regardless the body. But, keeping other factors - like lenses -  equal, the M200 is focusing way better than the M100. If you are planning to use primes like the 32mm and 56mm f/1.4 and/or to shoot in low light conditions, it makes sense to get the M200.

I'm not saying the M200 is better for everyone. If you're only purpose is doing landscapes, get the M100.

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I love 50mm (equivalence)

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