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Jerry-astro wrote:

when I buy a camera, I assess it on its features, value, handling, and other criteria. If it serves my needs and is a good value, then I will purchase it and get the most out of it over its life. I don’t purchase it for future, undefined features that might or might not be delivered over its lifetime. I prefer to think of the Kaizen updates as a nice bonus rather than something I’m banking on or feel cheated about if they don’t meet my hopes and expectations.

I have a 2002 and a 2015 Mazda Miata, the NB and NC.  They are completely different cars, with the NC a much more sophisticated car on a number of levels.  There are a few things that I could do to bring its performance closer of the NB to the NC, but I have chosen to let the NB remain as it was when I bought it.

Now the latest Miata is the ND, which is completely different from my NC. I don't begrudge my NC for not being able to be turned into the ND.

I also don't begrudge that I can't turn my X-H1 into the X-T4.  I look to firmware updates to fix bugs and if they can throw a few goodies in as well, then all the better.

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