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Jerry you correct. As I preemptively stated my issue is only due to my expectations. Although I had hoped for some small improvements to come I was also very realistic when I bought the XH1, especially because at the time I bought it the XT3 was rumored to be around the corner. I was VERY happy with my XH1. It was obviously an end of cycle release but was a very polished camera that offered several elements above the XT2 at the time. Beyond form factor was IBIS, a really great EVF, tough as nails construction, a brilliantly silent shutter etc. I knew that with the XT3 coming that they wouldn't be working to further develop the previous generation. There was also a pretty massive level of improvement via firmware from the time that the XT2 was launched to when the XT3 came out which the XH1 was also the beneficiary of. After all, it was that generation that really cemented all the praise of Fuji's Kaizen. It wouldn't be unreasonable to think that this generation of processor could also see some valuable improvement over the cycle like the previous generation had enjoyed. And that's the crux of what I'm getting at. That same level of engineering focus on improvement just doesn't seem to be there.

So what am I looking for?

It would be nice to see sensor shift photos realized at some point this cycle. Now I'm very realistic that especially with the new IBIS construction this isn't something that would come quick. It took a year and a half to release it for the GFX100, but it was announced that it was coming about seven months after release.

The only other thing I was hoping for is really the only issue I have with Fuji and that's with regards to AF. Adding the object tracking available in photo mode to video is a no brainer and honestly a head scratcher that it hasn't happened yet. Beyond that is continued work on the AF algorithm itself. The only AF worse in the industry is Panasonic. I'm not even talking about gimmicky stuff like animal AF. I mean just continuing to tune its accuracy. This current generation of sensor and processor really isn't much better than the last. One could make a reasonable argument that the algorithm actually isn't any better and that it's just the advancement in the processor that is responsible for making it any better at all. Sure some lenses pose some limitations due to dated focus motors but that's easier to swallow if the eye and face AF didn't randomly decide to stop tracking, or inexplicably grab shoulders instead of faces, or get completely confused by glasses, or not recognize childrens eyes too often.

That's what I'm saying when I'm looking for advancement. At 26mp I'm not clamoring for more resolution except for landscapes when sensor shift would be great to have. With 4K60 and 10 bit color I'm very happy with the video specs as well. So I really don't have a need for an XT5 or XH2 that only again gets marginally better AF ability because of a newer faster processor. I want them to fix the algorithm itself to catch up to what other manufacturers were capable of three years ago.

Editing to add this one last thing to the end.  I didn't think they would roll out a FW update today but what I was hoping to hear was that they had made significant progress on the AF and that it would be rolled out to the current generations cameras even throughout the next year.  Tell me that you're currently working on sensor shift and more details will come in the coming months.  Just give me some hope to hold on to.

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