Is the A1 Designed for Photojournalists/Sports Photographers?

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Re: Is the A1 Designed for Photojournalists/Sports Photographers?

RH McCaslan wrote:

Assuming that the A1 is the replacement for the A9II and is designed with sports photographers in mind, does a 50MP camera make sense for this group who prefer 1/2 the MP or less?

Unless I'm missing something it means that they will need to shoot in APS-C mode to keep file sizes down.

Most photojournalist/sports photogs shoot JPEG and not RAW due to tight deadlines (often within minutes after the fact as pictures must be uploaded to web sites in almost real time). Also, the general tendency is to avoid RAW files in photojournalism in order to not invite heavy postprocessing and thereby altering the "reality". With JPEGs the photographer can just choose a smaller file size in the camera meny.  But yes, photojournalists/sports photogs doesn't need the huge files either, so it will likely not be the high MP count oft the A1 which is the strongest selling point for them. OTOH, the better options for cropping (which can be done in-camera) can come in handy when they are caught in an unexpected situation with too short lenses.

This shouldn't be a problem for longer lenses--that 400mm 2.8 becomes a 600mm lens--, but what about at the wide end? The workhorse 24-70, not with the reach of a 36-105, is perhaps a touch long at the wide end. Maybe given the benefits of the new body, this is a minor problem. Anyway, what do professionals think?

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