Is the A1 Designed for Photojournalists/Sports Photographers?

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Re: Is the A1 Designed for Photojournalists/Sports Photographers?

SQLGuy wrote:

RH McCaslan wrote:

Assuming that the A1 is the replacement for the A9II and is designed with sports photographers in mind, does a 50MP camera make sense for this group who prefer 1/2 the MP or less?

Unless I'm missing something it means that they will need to shoot in APS-C mode to keep file sizes down.

Not necessarily. The A1 supports 21MP JPGs from full frame or APS-C with a one step switch between crop and full. That's JPG only, but a lot of PJs are required to shoot JPG anyway.

This shouldn't be a problem for longer lenses--that 400mm 2.8 becomes a 600mm lens--, but what about at the wide end? The workhorse 24-70, not with the reach of a 36-105, is perhaps a touch long at the wide end. Maybe given the benefits of the new body, this is a minor problem. Anyway, what do professionals think?

Also, this Sony has a "light jpeg/HEIF" format that will make the files smaller and transfer faster. Sony has got photojournalists covered.

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