I need a cheap Nikon for Zoom

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Re: I need a cheap Nikon for Zoom

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I've been using my Z50 for Zoom, via SparkOCam. Works great BUT it's too much of a hassle. I have to mount it on a tripod, plug in USB, remove the memory card (because that gives SparkOCam trouble). And I drain the battery, because there's no AC adaptor for the Z50.

Worst of all, SparkOCam takes it out of Raw mode, and I never remember to switch it back. BIG PROBLEM.

This!! So much this!!

Twice now I have come back after an outing just to realize I shot all my pictures in TIFF mode

Wow, that is an obnoxious behavior of the software! I would totally get annoyed.

Guess it could be worse; could be JPG

Haha, true, you get the bit depth at least. Correcting white balance issues is still a pain though...

Have either of you tried the Nikon webcam utility? I've been using it and it seems to just work ( still have the power issues...)

What are you using it with?

I don't think the Nikon webcam utility is sufficient for programs like Teams and Zoom.

Which camera? Z7. I use it with Zoom and MS Teams (this one daily). In what way do you think it insufficient? honest question, as I've had zero issues. Granted, most of my meetings/calls are on the shorter side ( thankfully!), like, an hour or so. Also, using a Mac.

The video doesn't show up at all in these programs, unless I use a program like SparkoCam as an intermediary.

I did some googling when I set this up, and it seemed like this was a known limitation.

I'm on Windows though, could be different on Mac.

Edit: The cameras I used are Z50 and Z6.

Oh! that sucks. I just plug a USB-C cable into the Z, other end to my USB on the Mac, flip the camera to video and it works as is. The video shows up even when the camera is in photo mode, just the AF doesn't work as well as video mode.

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