D780 and Z owners - AF-C Single Focus - LiveView vs OVF any different?

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Re: D780 and Z owners - AF-C Single Focus - LiveView vs OVF any different?

The occurs with stills, that's the issue.   Not being able to setup the Z the way I want, to get in the right setup, is the other problem.  It isn't for a lack of trying, and as I've mentioned, I'm a long time Nikon user, and have an engineering/development/support background.  I notice things others do/would not.

I'm finding the Z's to be a bit too Beta overall. I just want a smaller and lighter Nikon "pro" build.  Somewhere between a Z# and D500 would be fine.  There's a lot about the D780 that just doesn't make sense though:

  • Pro shutter and build without a flash (A warm modeling/focusing LED please)
  • Yet has the Consumer/Effects mode (which I don't mind, but not at the cost of U3)
  • No articulating screen (which should be on all consumer models IMO)
  • Larger than a D750 (battery life is almost double, misprint?)
  • Probably not going to focus like a D500 (between a D750 and D500 is fine)
  • Priced higher than a Z6II that does everything slightly better on paper
  • Limited focus area selection (brutal on a the D750)
  • I sure hope it has a 1/3 framing grid, wasn't in the manual!
  • no built-in viewfinder cover (boo!)
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