Is the A1 Designed for Photojournalists/Sports Photographers?

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Re: Is the A1 Designed for Photojournalists/Sports Photographers?

ZurichPhoto wrote:

As you may see from my gear list, I'm a Nikon sport shooter who has been watching mirrorless developments in anticipation of making the "leap" from DSLRs and possibly changing systems. The Alpha 1 may speed up that process that I was hoping to avoid for a few more years.

There are 3 things that most sports photographers agree on.

* You can't have too much reach

* You can't have too many fps

* Low--light ISO performance is never good enough

I'm not too worried about the file size. My guess is most people buying a $6,500 camera and $10,000-plus superteles will feel the same. Cards and storage are cheap. And I'm not transmitting hundreds of files at a time. Transmission speeds will improve with 5G, This may be an issue for some but for me -- not so much.

More MPs also allow for more cropping, which is important to most sports shooters.

I'm going to generalize here -- so tech guys, hold your fire, please -- but in many cases more MPs have had an impact on low-light performance, Personally, I'd rather have better ISO performance.

We'll see how this camera performs. I hope it is spectacular.

Thanks for the response.

As a nature/wildlife shooter, I love the added pixels.  I wasn't a fan of the a7IV because it didn't provide enough AF performance improvement, and I struggled to see much benefit over the 42MP sensor even in cropping.

Anyway, I had frequently heard that the reason the A9II did not increase resolution was because photojournalists cringed at sending large files--even with fast connections, it takes longer to send a 50MP file--especially when the images are printed or put on the web with a fairly low resolution.

Thus, I wonder if size-sensitive journalists will use the camera in crop-sensor mode and if so, will there be any problems doing so?

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