A1 - any hopes for focus bracketing?

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Re: A1 - lower end cameras????

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My thought is that focus stacking is much more awaited for the lower end series of cameras.

Why would that be? It is much used for high end macro science work? That kind of photography wants all the resolution they can get. And if the are working in the field, high frame rates and fast focus are better. I would think that the A1 should be perfect.

If you are that high end with your macros then you are probably using automated focusing rails and building your images in post. No focus breathing issues and maximum control. I too think it’s an amateur feature and why not just use a CamRanger if you want it. So it’s a “nice to see on the end of an already super-long feature list” feature but should never be escalated to big deal status.

This is a bit “no true Scotsman” to me, I think there is a large swath of enthusiast and professionals between “amateur” and automated focusing rails, where the combination of focus bracketing, eshutter, and even eshutter with flash would be very useful. Even so, if it was a purely amateur feature, I think they should add it to all upcoming cameras with the new menu system. And I would be happy to see in camera stacking too, it would make for great in field verification.

In my opinion, true macro without bracketing is somewhat niche. So it’s really only a question of whether it’s automatic or manual.

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