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Re: M200

thunder storm wrote:

bengrulz wrote:

shadowz wrote:

i was actually feeling attracted to the m200 , but will look at the m100 too.

One major thing to note between the two is that the M200 focuses much better in low light than the M100. This is the main reason I upgraded, as the M100 was quite frustrating in lower light settings, it would endlessly hunt.

Here is a youtube video which demonstrates this.


For reference, as far as focusing goes

M6 = M5 = M100


M50 = M200

No. The M200 has a better rating than the M50. The M200 is supposed to be better, and I assume the M50mkII will be on par with the M200.

Well This is indeed interesting info ....I will be obliged if you can kindly give me a link to this write up that you refer to ,and oblige ...:-)

.thanks ......:-)

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