200-500 and 200-400 moving forward, e.g., Z.

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Re: 200-500 and 200-400 moving forward, e.g., Z.

owlseye wrote:

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

owlseye wrote:

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

In the UK recently with a Nikon deal - including 20% sales tax - it was £9,800.

It is currently around £10,900. For this lens the UK price seems lower.

Wow!... that is a steep price cut.

In the UK the 600 PF is around £10,800 including sales tax.

Furthermore, the decision to invest in expensive F-mount glass is complicated by the less than transparent rollout of Z telephotos lenses. While we know that Nikon has Z lenses like the 100-400, 200-600, 400 prime, and 600 prime on their roadmap, we don't know anything about their maximum aperture, time of introduction, "real" availability, or price.

We know as the 400 and 600 have a large outline on the road map - they are fast aperture lenses.

We know, although unlikely within your budget, Sony so far has only 1 long fast prime, no 180-400 optic and no 300 or 500 PF - all good for wildlife at different points.

I find all of this terribly frustrating, and it has me looking at the competition.

As a wildlife and nature photographer, I could sell my current gear and easily slip into Sony with class leading AF and a 200-600mm internal zoom lens for both my wife and I, 70-200 f/4 lenses, and a pair of wide-angles without putting much money into the move.

Right now Sony has a wider lens range, though over time the lens range will be held back by the Sony narrow lens flange.

The Nikon 200-600 may be class leading over Sony - when it arrives.

Many do not accept Sony AF is class leading compared to the top Nikon and Canon pro DSLRs - the Canon R gives it a good run for the money - and Nikon are likely to announce pro bodies with improved AF soon.

Your situation seems a classic short term gain v long term pain decision - which only you can make.

Your last comment is the salient point. I have been in this place before and mistakenly moved away from Nikon in 2004. I had been shooting with the D100 and D1x and wanted a full frame sensor. I had a large lens collection at the time that included an AFS 300 f/2.8 converters, AFS 80-200 f/2.8, 14mm lens and so on.

Somehow I convinced myself that Nikon had given up on tech innovations, and I sold it all for Canon and the 1Ds... wow was that expensive at the time! I have vowed to never pay so much on a camera again. Years later Nikon made the D3/D300 and I was mad at myself for giving up on the company. It was the price of the 200-400 in the Canon system that made me realize that I would need to go back to Nikon if I wanted to shoot in that range. I sold off my Canon gear in 2014 and have been happily shooting Nikon gear since that time.

I've learned my lesson, and do not plan to switch again... I think I just needed a moment to vent my frustration. But as they say,.... nothing to see, move along ;-p


After some years, I restarted my in photography and I started with a clean sheet in late 2019. Was choosing between 5Ds, D750, RP, 6D and used Df. Eventually went with Canon, but soon realized Nikon and Sony have sometimes much better lenses at better price points, particularly with used gear.

It was far cheaper to buy a body for Canon, Nikon and soon Sony, then buy all lenses from just one company.

If I wanted the 100-400mm 4.5-5.6L IS II it has to be Canon. If I want the 14-24mm 2.8G had to go with Nikon. If I want the 200-600mm 5.6-6.3 G OSS then it's Sony.

It also gives more flexibility to take advantage of great offers. Sometimes there is an inexpensive offer of an exotic lens from one brand, sometimes it's for the other.

I guess that approach wouldn't work for a person that want's to use the same batteries for his cameras, same lightning solution, don't want to carry too many bodies, wants consistency in rendering, reduce the number of teleconverters, etc.

Another option would be to get a Z-system with adapters. Not sure if the balance would be right, though that detail is maybe overrated. Another issue is AF performance, but probably isn't bad.

Besides native Z lenses and the adapter FTZ for AF-S and AF-P lenses, there are FE to Z and EF to Z adapters. I'm sure there will be RF to Z adapters too when RF lenses became common.

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