compression artifacts in video and bitrates

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Re: compression artifacts in video and bitrates

markyboy81 wrote:

onlyfreeman wrote:

I'm no expert with video and I don't know what software you are using, but I hear sometimes a 2-pass encoding could really help with this kind of issue, unless I'm mistaken. Is your software capable of that?

Good point, I've heard about 2-pass encoding from using Handbrake, but I've never really understood how it works.

Unfortunately the app I use doesn't support this, but I guess an option could be to use the app to output a high bitrate, and then convert it again using 2-pass encoding in Handbrake or similar.

You could start by shooting "All-I" if your card speed and capacity can handle it, then take a 4 or 5 second slice of the video, and convert it to different bitrates and compression options, if you actually need to, to see what the maximum practical compression would be.

Why 25fps, I wonder?  Are monitors in "PAL" territory these days still doing 25 and 50Hz?  I assumed that for digital, computer-driven video, 30Hz, and 60Hz are more standard, globally.

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